Your Photographer

"Always tell the truth–it's the easiest thing to remember."

—David Mamet

People often make the misguided assumption that an actor's job is to deceive, to lie.  I've never bought into that idea. Hiding oneself is easy! A good actor is one who takes the risk and reveals the true human self that lies under the social mask. This is the version of you I hope to capture in your headshots. 

I like to create a relaxed, no-pressure shooting environment that will allow you to open up and be free to express yourself. Let’s capture the true you, the one the casting directors and agents want to see you bring to every audition!


Before we shoot, I'll offer advice on how to prepare and, at your request, put you in touch with some of New York's most in-demand hair and makeup experts.

During your session,  I will help you stay connected, engaged, and in the moment through simple coaching, allowing me to capture as many “keepers” as possible.


Afterwards, I'll provide you with image proofs from which you'll choose three images for a basic retouch. You’ll also have your choice of as many full sized, high-resolution shots as you’d like!

Oh, and I make it all very affordable for the working actor. 

Above all, the important thing is for both of us to have fun! Let's play!